Life Insurance

The most popular life products are currently three product from American National & one from Protective Life. American National's term product is one of the most competitive on the market. It, unlike any other term prodduct that I am aware of, offers living benefits ( chronic, critical, & terminal illness benefits) & is guaranteed convertable (during the level term period) to any permanent plan the company offers at the time of the conversion ( thru the costumers age 70). 

If you have a client with a short term need for insurance (seven years or less), ANICO's A.R.T. may be the perfect choice. The rates are extremely low! The product is guaranteed  convertible to a 20 or 30 year term product during the first 3 contract years or to a permanent plan during the first 10 year years of the contract

They just introduced a new IUL product, Signature Indexed Universal Life! It is a very competitive product with four different investment choices ( three indexed & one fixed account).The client can move their money between the different investment accounts on an annual basis

American National also offers a very competitive, lifetime guaranteed U.L. product that many agents are selling allot of. All of American Nationals life products automatically have the living benefit riders  included in the contract.

The link to American National on the prior page (i.e. under the annuities tab) will work for information on their life products as well.

Many of you probably have clients who are interested in a lifetime guaranteed U.L. product, but would also like to have the ability to accumulate some cash for retirement on a fixed ( no risk) basis. Protective Life's Advantage Choice U.L. will allow a client to have both.It is the only product on the market that I am aware of that does this! Use the link below to find out more information on this product.


Please look thru your client base & let us know who we could quote on any of these products for you.